Monday, August 26, 2013

What if corruption is *gasp* NOT the problem? (Luneta rally, August 26, 2013)

Taken from this Facebook page.
What if the pork barrel scandal was just one of many symptoms of the real problem, that is: a concentration of political power in a bunch of clowns whose only talent is winning a popularity contest?

In some ways it’s praiseworthy to see ordinary people attend a rally (Million People March) against pork barrel in Luneta this Monday, August 26, 2013.

But how many would go so far as to question the control over their lives via ‘legislation’? Who would fathom the possibility of rules for individuals in a society being devised and implemented beyond some ‘electoral system’ whose sanction is, ultimately, non-existent, if we are to admit that our freedoms are worth anything at all?

Most would agree that things such as health, education, arbitration, charity, self-defense and accountability, among other things, are important, but does this translate to a ‘last-say’ on such matters by some monopolistic ‘republic’ or ‘democracy’ or whatever you call it?

The problematic ‘system’ is, contrary to popular opinion, not a matter of thieves who somehow get into political positions that are prone to abuse, and who therefore channel the money of ‘the people’ in disagreeable ways. Rather, we are talking about a system where profit is necessarily contrary to another person’s interests (otherwise government fees for services rendered, i.e. taxes, would be voluntary), with the added complication of lobbyists and elected plunderers ruling the day.

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