Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The state is magic

Most are quick to turn to the state in the belief that without it, certain things could not be done, be it health care (for all, not just the rich!), armed defense, and just general aid for those in need, among other things.

This is attributing traits and abilities in government, on the assumption that these do not exist in a people. But government can only emanate from a people.

If people of their free will would or could not accomplish something, neither would or could government.

Perhaps someone who still believes the state has some good purpose would say, “But the state is precisely how so-and-so is carried out. It’s not that free people can’t accomplish them, but that these free people choose government as a means.” This is also to assume that coercion accomplishes what freedom can’t. Which ultimately implies people must be at war with others, as determined by class. Not to mention the irony or illogic of people choosing coercion/slavery.

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