Friday, January 11, 2013

The delusion of government

One justification for government is that through it, people manifest being ‘socially aware.’ This is in contrast to the rugged individualism of profit-oriented markets.

Apart from the fact that ‘society’ is a mere after-the-fact abstraction of individuals in the composite — rendering all notions of ‘national pride’ as non-ends in themselves — it is neglected that the means of government always involves violence or the threat thereof. 

Never in history has a government acted without abridging at least one person’s freedom. It is axiomatic that government is anti-freedom.

Luckily, society and community are not equal to government. All our actions that do not involve threatening people with violence are a testament to the advantage of freedom over non-freedom/government in fostering good will among people.

But for now, government remains the delusion that cooperation entails doing things against another’s will. Indeed, it doesn’t make sense, but government is usually not spelled out so clearly. Not in most minds.

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