Thursday, December 13, 2012

House passes RH Bill: A triumph of reason

Barring any Catholic objections from the Senate, the RH Bill will soon be known as the RH Law.

Basically, people, in their ignorance, took the shortcut to what they believe improves lives.

A healthy population has been treated as a cause, rather than an effect, of economic development. Ironically, treating it as such will make it that much harder to achieve what is desired by the RH legislation.

In fact, the things that we more fortunate people enjoy, including good health, are an outcome of capital accumulation, and the use of such capital, something already much hindered by ever-growing bureaucracy. 

Prosperity via legislation only makes for opportunity cost elsewhere (e.g. further decline in education, non-reproductive aspects of health, etc.). At best.

In addition, I bet that no RH advocate even once considered the effect the impending law will have on non-crony pharmaceutical companies’ desire or ability to do business in the country.

In the end, reason must triumph. Consequences will have to be faced, including the very opposite results expected by our so-called ‘progressives.’

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