Friday, November 23, 2012

When intelligent and well-reasoned isn't so intelligent and well-reasoned

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Where is the logic in Matt Damon’s reply to this ‘libertarian’ (ReasonTV) reporter anyway? Anderson Cooper thinks his commentary can help people make up their minds as to Damon’s intelligence with regards to this education issue, and indeed a lot of people fall for it. But Damon provides nothing but wisecracks. As if words in themselves, however long they may be, strengthen one’s argument.

Granted, this particular news crew failed to respond to Damon’s response, which was not so much intelligent as it was imposing and confident.

The ReasonTV folk focused on the ‘incentive’ argument when I think ‘consumer sovereignty’ would have been more relevant to Damon et al’s concerns. What was not addressed was if equal wages for teachers regardless of performance made for better-quality education, or not. That’s the bottom line, right?

Instead, ‘hard work’ was supposed as the standard of one’s pay, with no regard for the consumer, in this case, the students and their parents.

(Digging holes to fill them back in is ‘hard’ as well.)

In any case, such policy shouldn’t come about anyway through centralized, universal application, such characteristics making for the dismal state of education in the first place.

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Anonymous said...


Look, when you see the government, you should be seeing the enemy of freedom and Liberty. Everything the government does is done to CONTROL the citizen by use of FORCE.That includes going to public schools.

Now, if government is the enemy of freedom - AND - you are FOR freedom - why would you want your enemy to educate your children - smart people send their kids to private school.

Privatize all schools, you will get a higher education for the children at a cheaper price.