Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I loathe government, but am grateful that, for the things for which I am coerced to do, I can get some of them done rather conveniently.

I just paid my household’s real property tax at Quezon City Hall, and all in all it took 45 minutes, for most of which I read on my Kindle. So relaks lang.

Of course, if you interview a victim of a robbery, you’re not going to hear them gush: “... and then they made us line up in such a way that they took our valuables so efficiently!”

What’s more, I saw a P1,200 increase in the tax for this year, to accommodate the city’s “socialized housing” program. And I’m supposed to assume that ‘social assistance’ is best done as they see fit.

I might reason out that if it weren’t for such interventions national and local, perhaps there’d be no perceived need for such ‘socialization’ at all. But that’s just selfish, heartless talk, so I won’t bother.

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