Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Political patriarch and accused massacrer Zaldy Ampatuan was granted leave for a doctor’s checkup, but St. Luke’s Hospital refused to take him in, owing to all the controversy regarding him and his family.

This to me is a triumph of freedom of association. It’s not that St. Luke’s had shunned profits, as would have been gained through Ampatuan’s checkbook. In fact, St. Luke’s did not let Ampatuan in precisely because they feared the loss of profits, what with the security risks keeping him entailed.

This is the market in action. St. Luke’s didn’t even need to cite some moral digust for its actions. It was enough to recognize how the presence of someone with a reputation like Ampatuan’s could tarnish the hospital’s reputation. Thankfully, there have so far been no laws against such a manifestation of the right to property. It might seem cruel that a hospital would reject a patient (especially if it were a poor one), but simply put, Ampatuan’s bloodthirsty reputation precedes him.

We don’t need some essential change in human nature ― from inherently selfish to ‘unselfish’ ― for people to get along while making a living. Unfortunately, most utopias in people’s heads are based on an unrealistic view of humanity, wherein an altruistic State is supposed to make things better.

It is the recognition of private property that makes for social order. Freedom works because it gives people the greatest multitude of options for their valuations to manifest and thereby improve their conditions. Case in point, a hospital refusing to allow entrance to an alleged killer.

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