Friday, July 30, 2010


Most people who use the internet in the Philippines know the frustration of the service provider messing up. Sometimes, there is completely no connection, and other times, there is some kind of firewall that seems to slow down downloads. We are promised megabytes/second downloading speeds, but when it comes to our beloved pirated Torrents, we have to make do with a speed of 40 kilobytes/second. To have it at 200 kb./sec. already seems like a godsend.

We look for options everywhere, but we are limited to only several providers, such as PLDT, SkyBroadband, Globe, Smart and Sun, wherein we have to make do with the least bad as opposed to the best.

When Cito Beltran airs his grievances on the matter, we are likely to relate, perhaps even side with his conclusion that the solution lies with Congress and other governmental means.