Monday, December 28, 2009

STUPID 2010 ELECTIONS Installment No. 5 - Rich platforms

After going through Noynoy's website, I figured it would be great to revel in the brilliance of his platform. It is pure genius the way his writers put the present administration's supposed platform in a bad light, and then speak of the opposite of this and call this Noynoy's platform.

But first, you have to love the 'look' of his website. The Ninoy-like image of Noynoy, as he poses with hand under chin. This from a guy whose greatest achievement is surviving an ambush by that bastard Gringo

Sunday, December 6, 2009


It's been seven hours and fifteen days, or there about, since Climategate spread over the internet. This is largely an internet phenomenon. I have yet to encounter any serious effort by any newspapers here to tackle the issue. To think that Earth Hour makes the headlines for weeks at a time. As bad as the international media have been in getting the word out, the Philippine media are completely oblivious.

Why the lack of response? I would initially think that the concept of global warming not being real is of such preposterous proportions that anything contrary to Al Gore's utterances is practically deflected by most people's brains without their realizing it.

A second reason would be that the implications would run counter to what editors have publicly stood for, to the point of embarrassment. Just look at the snobby manner in which the Inquirer wrote on the matter: