Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The killing of a politician's wife, journalists and dozens of other people who were simply unfortunate to have been in the vicinity, is bound to bring about a call for tougher enforcement of peace and order. Whether this call will result in concrete measures is another thing. Whether these measures will be for the good of society is yet another thing.

But another all too important aspect that is missed in all this is what made such a political killing possible. What happened was no different from what Joey Zaza did in the third Godfather film.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Who would have thought? Economic principles may sometimes apply to actual living.

I'm talking about Gloria's stupid Executive Order 839 imposing price controls on gasoline. Supposedly, price controls result in shortages or substandard quality of goods.

I admit, even with such knowledge, I didn't really expect the shortages to manifest themselves. Perhaps supply would be reduced much faster, or the oil companies would not earn that much. But this did not necessarily mean a shortage.

You could imagine my utter surprise